How Long Does Semen Live

Life Span Of Sperms

Low semen production and low sperm count are common problems seen in men. This not only affects their male potency but also makes his partner unsatisfied. Low semen volume is often considered as a sign of weak manhood. Once sperms have become mature at the male reproductive organs, their life-span depends on where they happen to be. Fully developed sperm can be stored in the seminal vesicles for many weeks before they are reabsorbed as waste by the body. The ideal condition for the survival of sperm is a warm, moist, alkaline environment-such as found within the uterus. Here after intercourse, sperms can live for up to three days. Before ejaculation sperm’s longevity can be measured in week and months. The life span of sperm after ejaculation depends on the circumstances. Ejaculated sperm remain viable for several days within a woman’s reproductive tract or in nutritive liquid in a lab setting. Low semen production and low sperm count are common problems seen in men. This not only affects their male potency but also makes his partner unsatisfied. Low semen volume is often considered as a sign of weak manhood. Sperm cells are produced during a process called spermatogenesis in the two testicles of a man. During this process, the spermatogenic cells present in the seminiferous tubules keep on dividing till they result in the formation of spermatids. These are immature cells which are then passed on to the epididymis for maturation. Sperm lasts in a male body for around 74 days. If they are not released during an ejaculation within this period, they die and are then reabsorbed in the male body. Various factors will determine the health of the sperm and for how long it is able to survive when it is ejaculated during a male orgasm. It depends on how healthy the sperms are. Hence it is good to use herbal supplements like Volume Pills to keep the sperms healthier and long lived.

Fertilization And Semen Life

Fertilization is possible as long as the sperm remain alive which is at least five days. The main aim of sperm is to fertilize an egg and result in conception. For anyone who is trying to conceive, it is important to know exactly how long sperm can survive once it is released into a woman’s reproductive system. Sperms will be continuously dying in the woman’s reproductive system. So, with each passing day more and more sperm will keep on dying. This is why the best way to conceive is to have sex every two to three days so that a few numbers of sperm are always present in the female reproductive system waiting to fertilize an ovum. The use of natural ingredients, which have been blended together to form the perfect formula for increasing your ejaculation and giving you harder erections, has absolutely no chemicals added to it. You are sure to boost your sexual desire with these clinically proven 100% organic ingredients present in Volume Pills. It is easy to find a product which is chemical based and over the counter supplements in local drug stores. But, it is not possible to find a product like Volume Pills, which is formulated with 100% natural and pure ingredients.

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